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Hiking Killarney
Hiking in Killarney

Kathleens 4 Star Country House Hotel is an ideal base for hiking enthusiasts. For those hiking in Killarney, you are surrounded by 25,000 acres of National Park, lakes and magnificent Mountain Ranges including Ireland's highest peak, Carrantuohill (c1040 m).

Whether you wish to trek to the top of Irelands highest mountain range, explore Killarney's ancient woodland glens and valleys or just stroll around its beautiful lakeshore walks, Killarney offers you a range of walks in the unspoilt wilderness that will never cease to amaze and please you.

Route maps and Pocket Guides are available for the recognised established routes, but Killarney offers the pleasure of numerous walking options that are still very much in their undiscovered state, presenting the walker with the opportunity to explore and discover.

The Cork/Kerry Region features endless ranges for the Longer Distance walks of mountains and an incredibly indented coastline. For many years walkers have enjoyed exploring this terrain. There are nearly 1,000 kilometres of developed Long Distance Walking Routes in the Cork/Kerry Region.

Carrauntuohill - 1,040 metres, Ireland's highest mountain is located near Killarney in County Kerry. Walkers have a great opportunity to see the colour and grandeur of the spectacular scenery in the Region, the changes between towns and the countryside, between the valleys and the mountains, and between the surging seas, beaches and cliffs.

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